“With “The Dream”, SAMMARY show an improvement on their already successful debut.”
Jochen König

“Art rock fans take note, with the second Sammary album “The Dream” the musicians offer an interesting insight into their special dream world.”
Betreutes Proggen

“Sammary’s ‘The Dream’: ArtRock masterpiece with impressive depth”

The Dream Album Cover Cropped

“Sammy Wahlandt has released a debut album here that doesn’t have to hide from any of the seasoned prog protagonists.”

“With Sammary and “Monochrome”, Progressive Promotion Records once again brings a breath of fresh air into living rooms. The album is a little more complex here and there than comparable albums, but at the same time catchy, lively and versatile.”
Betreutes Proggen

“I haven’t heard such a debut from a young musician in a long time.”

2020 – „Sammary“ EP
2021 – „Delete“ Single (feat. Julie Kuhl)
2022 – „Monochrome“ Album
2023 – “The Dream” Album

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About us:
Sammary is a German Art Rock Band signed to the label Progressive Promotion Records. Their
music is both hard and soft, complex and simple and they don’t want to label themselves to a
specific genre. Sammary is known for combining several art forms at once, e.g. staging a theatre
play to their debut album Monochrome.
The band started as a solo project of drummer and creative head Sammy Wahlandt. In 2020 he
released the first self-titled “Sammary” EP. 2021 the band collaborated with singer-songwriter Julie
Kuhl on their most streamed single “Delete”. Transforming more and more into a band, they
released their debut album “Monochrome” in April of 2022 and got positive reviews by critics all
over the world.
“Sammy Wahlandt has released a debut album here that doesn’t have to hide from any of the
seasoned prog protagonists.“ – Amplified Magazine
„An invisible thread connects all (unfortunately only) 11 tracks, no weak point, great music with
sensational recognition value. (…) With such talented and passionate young people I am not
worried about German music culture.“ – Empire Magazine
In November 2022 the band won the second prize at the „Visionale“ film festival for their „A Kiss
Without A Meaning“ short film.

In 2023, they released their second album “The Dream.”


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